Our labs in ABB 359/360/360A are well-equipped with a full range of equipment for the synthesis, characterization, and application screening of hydrogels on all length scales. We are particularly well-equipped and skilled to perform comprehensive analysis of nanoparticle size and stability as well as hydrogel mechanical properties in all shear configurations on all length scales. Inquiries regarding equipment use or contract research are welcomed - please contact Dr. Hoare.

  • Waters high performance liquid chromatograph with UV and fluorescence detectors and autosampler

  • Olympus optical and fluorescence upright microscope

  • Beckman high-speed centrifuge

  • Mandel autotitrator

  • Agilent gel permeation chromatograph

  • TA Instruments Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

  • Brookhaven NanoBrook 90Plus PALS particle sizer and zeta potential analyzer (with autotitrator) (link)

  • NanoSight LM10 single nanoparticle tracking instrument (with fluorescence) (link)

  • Izon qNano nanoparticle size/zeta potential instrument (link

  • Biomomentum Mach 1 mechanical testing system (with compression, shear, and torsion stages, including multi-well plate high throughput compression testing) (link)

  • CellScale Biomaterials MicroSquisher (gel microparticle mechanics and hydrogel tensile testing) (link

  • Elementar CHNS/O elemental analysis instrument

  • Cavitation rheometer (home-built) for local modulus measurements (following the principles described here)

  • Cary 100 UV/vis spectrophotometer with temperature control

  • Multi-well plate reader (absorbance, fluorescence)

  • Bionavis multi-wavelength surface plasmon resonance

  • Bruker infrared microscope

  • Oscillating electromagnet for magnetic activation/heating

  • Centrifugal evaporator for multi-sample solvent removal

  • Microfluidics equipment (syringe pumps, microscopes, clean room access)

  • Air jetting and vibrating tip assemblies for the production of micro/nano capsules

  • High speed homogenizer and probe sonicator

  • Flash nanoprecipitation devices for rapid nanoparticle prototyping

  • Toption spray dryer

  • Complete facilities for air-free polymerizations and chemistries

  • Complete facilities for the culture and analysis of mammalian cells 

We also have access to complete instrumentation for high-throughput biointerfaces production and characterization (Biointerfaces Institute), polymer characterization facilities (nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, elemental analysis), and animal testing facilities through collaborations at McMaster University.